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Abridgment Abatement, Abbreviation, Abstract, Alleviation, Aphorism, Apocope, Attenuation, Bereavement, Blue-Penciling, Bowdlerization, Breviary, Brief, Cancellation, Capsule, Censoring, Censorship, Compendium, Compression, Condensation, Conspectus, Contraction, Curtailment, Dampening, Damping, Decrease, Decrement, Decrescence, Deduction, Deflation, Deletion, Depreciation, Depression, Deprivation, Deprivement, Digest, Diminishment, Diminution, Disburdening, Disburdenment, Disentitlement, Divestment, Dying, Dying Off, Editing, Elision, Ellipsis, Epigram, Epitome, Erasure, Expurgation, Extenuation, Fade-Out, Foreshortening, Languishment, Lessening, Letup, Lowering, Miniaturization, Mitigation, Omission, Outline, Precis, Privation, Recap, Recapitulation, Reduction, Relaxation, Relieving, Retrenchment, Sagging, Scaling Down, Shortening, Simplicity, Sketch, Striking, Subtraction, Sum, Summary, Summation, Summing-Up, Syllabus, Syncope, Synopsis, Telescoping, Truncation, Weakening