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Abrupt Aggressive, Arduous, Bearish, Beastly, Bluff, Blunt, Blunt-Edged, Blunt-Ended, Blunt-Pointed, Blunted, Bluntish, Bold, Brash, Breakneck, Breathless, Brief, Brisk, Brusque, Casual, Cavalier, Churlish, Crisp, Crusty, Curt, Discourteous, Dull, Dull-Edged, Dull-Pointed, Dulled, Dullish, Edgeless, Electrifying, Faired, Gruff, Harsh, Hasty, Headlong, Hurried, Impetuous, Impolite, Impulsive, Informal, Nerve-Shattering, Obtuse, Panting, Perpendicular, Plumb, Plunging, Pointless, Precipitant, Precipitate, Precipitous, Quick, Rapid, Rash, Ready, Rough, Rounded, Rude, Rushing, Severe, Sharp, Sheer, Shocking, Short, Sideling, Smoothed, Snappish, Snappy, Snippety, Snippy, Speedy, Startling, Steep, Stickle, Sudden, Surly, Surprising, Swift, Truculent, Unannounced, Unanticipated, Unceremonious, Uncivil, Unedged, Unexpected, Unforeseen, Unlooked-For, Unplanned, Unpointed, Unpredicted, Unsharp, Unsharpened, Vertical