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Absent-Minded Lethean, Absent, Absorbed, Abstracted, Amnestic, Bemused, Blocked, Castle-Building, Converted, Daydreaming, Daydreamy, Distracted, Distrait, Dreaming, Dreamy, Drowsing, Ecstatic, Elsewhere, Engrossed, Faraway, Forgetful, Forgetting, Half-Awake, Heedless, In A Reverie, In A Trance, In The Clouds, Inadvertent, Inattentive, Inclined To Forget, Lost, Lost In Thought, Meditative, Mooning, Moonraking, Museful, Musing, Napping, Nodding, Oblivious, Off, Pensive, Pipe-Dreaming, Preoccupied, Rapt, Repressed, Somewhere Else, Stargazing, Suppressed, Taken Up, Transported, Unaware, Unconscious, Unheedful, Unheeding, Unmindful, Unnoticing, Unobserving, Unperceiving, Unseeing, Withdrawn, Woolgathering, Wrapped In Thought