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Absolve Acquit, Administer Absolution, Administer Extreme Unction, Amnesty, Cancel, Clear, Confess, Declare A Moratorium, Decontaminate, Destigmatize, Discharge, Dismiss, Dispense, Dispense From, Dispense With, Except, Exculpate, Excuse, Exempt, Exempt From, Exonerate, Forgive, Free, Give Absolution, Give Dispensation From, Grant Amnesty To, Grant Forgiveness, Grant Immunity, Grant Remission, Hear Confession, Justify, Let Go, Let Off, Make Confession, Nonpros, Nullify, Obliterate, Pardon, Purge, Quash The Charge, Receive Absolution, Release, Relieve, Remise, Remit, Save The Necessity, Set Free, Shrive, Spare, Vindicate, Whitewash, Wipe Out, Withdraw The Charge, Write Off