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Academic Abstract, Armchair, Book-Learned, Bookish, Booky, Chimerical, Classroom, Closet, Collegiate, Conjectural, Cross-Disciplinary, Devoted To Studies, Diligent, Donnish, Dryasdust, Erudite, Extramural, Graduate, Graduate-Professional, Hypothetic, Hypothetical, Ideal, Idealistic, Imaginary, Impractical, Interdisciplinary, Interscholastic, Intramural, Ivory-Tower, Learned, Lettered, Mandarin, Moot, Notional, Owlish, Pedagogic, Pedagogical, Pedantic, Postgraduate, Postulatory, Preceptorial, Preschool, Professional, Professorial, Professorlike, Rabbinic, Scholarly, Scholastic, School, Schoolish, Schoolmastering, Schoolmasterish, Schoolmasterlike, Schoolmasterly, Schoolmistressy, Schoolteacherish, Schoolteachery, Speculative, Studious, Teacherish, Teacherlike, Teachery, Teachy, Theoretical, Tutorial, University, Unpractical, Unrealistic, Utopian, Visionary