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Accessible Adaptable, Affirmed, All-Around, Amenable, Announced, Approachable, At Hand, Attainable, Attendant, Available, Broadcast, Brought To Notice, Candid, Circulated, Come-At-Able, Common Knowledge, Common Property, Communicative, Convenient, Conversable, Current, Declared, Demonstrative, Diffused, Disseminated, Distributed, Effusive, Employable, Expansive, Extroverted, Findable, Frank, Free, Free-Speaking, Free-Spoken, Free-Tongued, Getatable, Gettable, Gossipy, Handy, Immanent, Immediate, Impressionable, In Circulation, In Print, In View, Indwelling, Influenceable, Inherent, Made Public, Malleable, Movable, Newsy, Obtainable, Of All Work, On Board, On Call, On Deck, On Hand, On Tap, Open, Open To, Open-Minded, Openable, Operative, Outgoing, Outspoken, Penetrable, Permeable, Persuadable, Persuasible, Pervious, Plastic, Pliable, Pliant, Practicable, Present, Proclaimed, Procurable, Propagated, Public, Published, Reachable, Ready, Receptive, Reported, Responsive, Securable, Self-Revealing, Self-Revelatory, Sociable, Spread, Stated, Suasible, Suggestible, Susceptible, Swayable, Talkative, Telecast, Televised, To Be Had, To Hand, Unconstrained, Unhampered, Unrepressed, Unreserved, Unrestrained, Unrestricted, Unreticent, Unsecretive, Unshrinking, Unsilent, Unsuppressed, Usable, Versatile, Weak, Within Call, Within Reach, Within Sight