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Ace A Per Se, I, Air Force, Amigo, Associate, Atom, Beaut, Bedfellow, Bedmate, Best Bower, Bit, Bomber Pilot, Bosom Buddy, Boss, Bower, Bowshot, Brief Span, Buddy, Bunkie, Bunkmate, Butty, Camarade, Cards, Chamberfellow, Champion, Chief, Chum, Classmate, Close Quarters, Close Range, Clubs, Colleague, Comate, Combat Pilot, Commander, Companion, Company, Compeer, Comrade, Confrere, Consociate, Consort, Copartner, Corker, Crack, Crackerjack, Crony, Crumb, Dab, Daisy, Dandy, Darb, Dean, Deck, Deuce, Diamonds, Dilly, Dole, Dot, Dram, Dream, Dribble, Driblet, Dummy, Dwarf, Earreach, Earshot, Face Cards, Farthing, Fellow, Fellow Student, Fighter Pilot, First-Rater, Fleck, Flush, Flyboy, Flyspeck, Fragment, Fugleman, Full House, Genius, Girl Friend, Gobbet, Good Hand, Gossip, Grain, Granule, Great, Groat, Gunshot, Hair, Hair Space, Hairbreadth, Hairsbreadth, Hand, Handful, Head, Hearts, Higher-Up, Honey, Humdinger, Inch, Iota, Jack, Joker, Jot, Killer-Diller, King, Knave, Knockout, Laureate, Leader, Left Bower, Little, Little Bit, Little Ways, Lollapaloosa, Lota, Lulu, Magician, Mahatma, Man Of Genius, Master, Master Hand, Mastermind, Mate, Messmate, Military Pilot, Minim, Minimum, Minutiae, Mite, Modicum, Molecule, Monad, Mote, Naval Pilot, No Other, None Else, Nonpareil, Nothing Else, Nought Beside, Nutshell, Observer, Old Crony, One, One And Only, Ounce, Pack, Pair, Pal, Paragon, Pard, Pardner, Particle, Partner, Past Master, Peach, Pebble, Picture Cards, Pinch, Pip, Pippin, Pistol Shot, Pittance, Playfellow, Playing Cards, Playmate, Point, Practiced Hand, Principal, Prodigy, Queen, Roommate, Round, Royal Flush, Rubber, Ruff, Ruler, Sage, Schoolfellow, Schoolmate, Scruple, Senior, Shipmate, Short Distance, Short Piece, Short Way, Side Partner, Sidekick, Singleton, Skilled Hand, Smidgen, Smitch, Spades, Span, Speck, Spitting Distance, Spoonful, Spot, Star, Step, Straight, Suicide Pilot, Superior, Superman, Superstar, Sweetheart, Teammate, The Greatest, The Most, The Nuts, Thimbleful, Tiny Bit, Tittle, Top Dog, Topnotcher, Trey, Trick, Trifling Amount, Trivia, Trump, Unit, Virtuoso, Whisker, Whit, Whiz, Wizard, Workfellow, Yokefellow, Yokemate