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Ache Ache For, Ache To, Aching, Agonize, Ail, Angina, Anguish, Backache, Be Dying For, Be Dying To, Be Hurting For, Bellyache, Blanch, Bleed, Blench, Blow, Brood Over, Burn To, Cephalalgia, Chilblains, Chill, Chilliness, Chilling, Choose To, Clamor For, Cold Creeps, Cold Shivers, Colic, Collywobbles, Cramp, Crave, Creeps, Cry For, Cryopathy, Cut, Dearly Love To, Distress, Dithers, Dolor, Duck Bumps, Earache, Feel Pain, Feel The Pangs, Fret, Frostbite, Gape For, Gnawing, Go Hard With, Goose Bumps, Goose Pimples, Gooseflesh, Grief, Grieve, Grimace, Gripe, Gripes, Gut-Ache, Hanker, Have A Misery, Headache, Heartburn, Hemicrania, Hone For, Hope For, Horripilation, Hunger, Hurt, Injury, Itch For, Itch To, Kibe, Languish For, Lesion, Like To, Long, Long For, Long To, Longing, Love To, Lust For, Megrim, Migraine, Misery, Mope, Mourn, Nasty Blow, Odontalgia, Otalgia, Pain, Pang, Pant For, Passion, Pine, Pine Away, Pine For, Pound, Pounding, Pyrosis, Rack, Shivering, Shivers, Shock, Shoot, Shrink, Sick Headache, Sigh For, Smart, Smarting, Sore, Sore Spot, Soreness, Sorrow, Spasm, Splitting Headache, Spoil For, Sting, Stitch, Stomachache, Stress, Stress Of Life, Stroke, Suffer, Suffer Anguish, Suffering, Take On, Tender Spot, Thirst For, Thrill, Throb, Throbbing, Throbbing Pain, Throes, Tingle, Toothache, Twinge, Twitch, Want To, Weary For, Wince, Wish For, Wish To, Wound, Wrench, Writhe, Yearn, Yearn For, Yen For