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Acidulous Acerb, Acerbate, Acerbic, Acetic, Acetose, Acetous, Acid, Acidic, Acidulated, Acidulent, Acrid, Acrimonious, Astringent, Biting, Bitter, Burning, Caustic, Choleric, Corroding, Corrosive, Cutting, Double-Edged, Dry, Edged, Embittered, Escharotic, Fierce, Harsh, Hyperacid, Incisive, Keen, Mordacious, Mordant, Penetrating, Piercing, Piquant, Poignant, Pungent, Rancorous, Rankled, Resentful, Resenting, Rigorous, Rough, Scathing, Scorching, Severe, Sharp, Sore, Splenetic, Stabbing, Stewing, Stinging, Strident, Stringent, Subacid, Subacidulous, Tart, Trenchant, Vehement, Violent, Virulent, Vitriolic, Withering