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Acquire Accept, Accumulate, Achieve, Add, Admit, Amass, Annex, Assume, Bag, Be Responsible For, Be Seized Of, Bring Down, Bring In, Bring On, Bring Upon, Buy, Capture, Catch, Catch Up, Claim, Clap Hands On, Clasp, Claw, Clench, Clinch, Clutch, Collect, Come By, Come In For, Come Into, Contract, Corral, Cumulate, Derive, Derive From, Drag Down, Drain Off, Draw, Draw Down, Draw From, Draw Off, Earn, Embrace, Enter Into Possession, Fall In With, Fall Into, Gain, Garner, Get, Get Hold Of, Glom On To, Grab, Grab Hold Of, Grapple, Grasp, Grip, Gripe, Harvest, Have, Have Coming In, Hug, Incur, Invite, Knock Down, Land, Lay Hands On, Lay Hold Of, Loot, Make, Nail, Net, Nip, Nip Up, Obtain, Palm, Partake, Pick Up, Pillage, Pocket, Possess, Procure, Pull Down, Purchase, Reach, Reap, Receive, Run, Sack, Score, Secure, Seize, Snap Up, Snatch, Steal, Take, Take By Assault, Take By Storm, Take Hold Of, Take In, Take On, Take Over, Take Possession, Welcome, Whip Up, Win