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Across Across The Grain, Against, Astraddle, Astride, Athwart, Athwartships, Bendwise, Beyond, Bias, Biased, Biaswise, Catercorner, Catercornered, Confronting, Contrariwise, Contrawise, Crisscross, Cross, Cross-Grained, Crossway, Crossways, Crosswise, Diagonal, Facing, Fronting, Horseback, In Front Of, In Opposition To, Kittycorner, Oblique, Obliquely, On, On Horseback, Over Against, Overthwart, Past, Sideways, Sidewise, Slant, Straddle, Straddle-Legged, Straddleback, Thwart, Thwartly, Thwartways, Toward, Transversal, Transverse, Transversely, Traverse, Versus