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Adamant Adamantine, At A Standstill, Cast-Iron, Dour, Firm, Flintlike, Flinty, Frozen, Granitelike, Granitic, Grim, Hard, Hard-Core, Immobile, Immotile, Immotive, Immovable, Immutable, Implacable, Impliable, Inductile, Inelastic, Inexorable, Inextensible, Inextensile, Inextensional, Inflexible, Intractable, Intractile, Intransigent, Iron, Irreconcilable, Irremovable, Irresilient, Lithic, Marblelike, Nonelastic, Nonstretchable, Obdurate, Pat, Petrified, Petrogenic, Relentless, Rigid, Rigorous, Rock, Rock-Ribbed, Slaty, Standpat, Stationary, Steely, Stern, Stiff, Stone, Stubborn, Unaffected, Unalterable, Unbending, Unchangeable, Uncompromising, Unextendible, Unextensible, Unflexible, Ungiving, Unlimber, Unmalleable, Unmovable, Unmoved, Unmoving, Unpliable, Unpliant, Unrelenting, Unswayable, Untractable, Unyielding