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Adaptable Able To Adapt, Accessible, Accommodative, Acquiescent, Adaptive, Adjustable, All-Around, Alterable, Alterative, Ambidextrous, Amphibious, At Hand, Available, Bendable, Bending, Bouncy, Buoyant, Changeable, Checkered, Complaisant, Compliant, Conformable, Convenient, Ductile, Elastic, Ever-Changing, Extensible, Extensile, Fabricable, Facile, Feasible, Fictile, Flexible, Flexile, Flexuous, Fluid, Foolproof, Formable, Formative, Generally Capable, Giving, Handy, Impermanent, Impressible, Impressionable, Kaleidoscopic, Like Putty, Limber, Lissome, Lithe, Lithesome, Lively, Malleable, Manageable, Maneuverable, Many-Sided, Metamorphic, Mobile, Modifiable, Moldable, Movable, Mutable, Nonuniform, Obedient, Of All Work, On Call, On Deck, On Hand, On Tap, Other-Directed, Permutable, Plastic, Pliable, Pliant, Practical, Protean, Proteiform, Ready, Receptive, Resilient, Resourceful, Responsive, Rubbery, Sensitive, Sequacious, Shapable, Springy, Stretch, Stretchable, Stretchy, Submissive, Supple, Susceptible, To Hand, Tractable, Tractile, Transient, Transitory, Two-Handed, Untroublesome, Variable, Versatile, Whippy, Wieldable, Wieldy, Willowy, Yielding