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Addled Addlebrained, Addleheaded, Addlepated, At A Loss, Baffled, Bamboozled, Beat, Beclouded, Beery, Befuddled, Bemused, Besotted, Blear-Witted, Blind Drunk, Buffaloed, Cloudy, Confounded, Crapulent, Crapulous, Dazed, Dizzy, Drenched, Drunk, Drunken, Far-Gone, Floored, Flustered, Fogged, Foggy, Fou, Fuddlebrained, Fuddled, Full, Gay, Giddy, Glorious, Happy, Hazy, In A Dilemma, In A Fog, In A Muddle, In Liquor, In Suspense, Inebriate, Inebriated, Inebrious, Intoxicated, Jolly, Licked, Maudlin, Mellow, Merry, Misted, Misty, Muddled, Muddleheaded, Muddybrained, Muzzy, Mystified, Nappy, Nonplussed, On Tenterhooks, Perplexed, Puzzled, Puzzleheaded, Reeling, Scramblebrained, Shikker, Sodden, Sotted, Stuck, Stumped, Thrown, Tiddly, Tipsy, Under The Influence