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Adept Admirable Crichton, Daedalian, Able, Accomplished, Adept In, Adroit, Anthroposophist, Apt, Artisan, Artist, Artistic, At Home In, Attache, Authoritative, Authority, Bravura, Brilliant, Cabalist, Clean, Clever, Connaisseur, Connoisseur, Consultant, Coordinated, Cordon Bleu, Crack, Crack Shot, Crackerjack, Craftsman, Cunning, Cute, Dabster, Daedal, Dead Shot, Deft, Dexterous, Dextrous, Diplomat, Diplomatic, Diplomatist, Elder Statesman, Esoteric, Excellent, Experienced Hand, Expert, Expert At, Expert Consultant, Fancy, Good, Good At, Goodish, Graceful, Graduate, Handy, Handy At, Handy Man, Ingenious, Journeyman, Magisterial, Mahatma, Marksman, Master, Master Of, Masterful, Masterly, Mystagogue, Mystic, Neat, No Mean, No Slouch, Old Hand, Past Master, Polished, Politic, Politician, Pro, Professional, Professor, Proficient, Proficient In, Quick, Quite Some, Ready, Resourceful, Savant, Shark, Sharp, Skilled, Skilled In, Skillful, Slick, Some, Specialist, Statesman, Statesmanlike, Strong In, Stylish, Supernaturalist, Tactful, Technical Adviser, Technician, The Compleat, The Complete, Theosophist, Transcendentalist, Up On, Versed, Versed In, Virtuoso, Well Up On, Well-Done, Well-Versed, Whiz, Wizard, Workmanlike, Yogi, Yogin, Yogist