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Administer Abide By, Accord, Adhere To, Administer Justice, Administrate, Afford, Allocate, Allot, Allow, Apply, Apportion, Assign, Award, Be Master, Bestow, Bestow On, Captain, Carry On, Carry Out, Carry Through, Chair, Chairman, Command, Communicate, Complete, Conduct, Confer, Consign, Control, Deal, Deal Out, Deliver, Direct, Disburse, Discharge, Discipline, Dish Out, Dispense, Disperse, Dispose, Distribute, Dole, Dole Out, Donate, Dose, Dose With, Effect, Effectuate, Enforce, Enforce Upon, Execute, Extend, Fill Out, Force, Force Upon, Fork Out, Fulfill, Furnish, Gift, Gift With, Give, Give Freely, Give Out, Govern, Grant, Hand Out, Head, Heap, Help To, Honor, Impart, Implement, Inflict, Issue, Judge, Lavish, Lay On, Lead, Let Have, Make, Make Out, Manage, Measure Out, Mete, Mete Out, Mete Out To, Observe, Occupy The Chair, Offer, Officer, Officiate, Oversee, Parcel Out, Pass Around, Pay Out, Portion Out, Pour, Prescribe For, Present, Preside, Preside Over, Proffer, Promulgate, Prosecute, Put In Force, Put On, Put Through, Put Upon, Rain, Ration, Regulate, Render, Run, Serve, Share Out, Shell Out, Shower, Sit In Judgment, Slip, Snow, Spoon Out, Stand Over, Strike, Superintend, Supervise, Supply, Tender, Transact, Vouchsafe, Wield Authority, Yield