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Administration Academic Dean, Accomplishment, Achievement, Administering, Administrator, Application, Applying, Archon, Auspices, Authority, Bestowal, Board, Board Of Directors, Board Of Regents, Board Of Trustees, Bureaucracy, Cabinet, Cadre, Care, Chancellor, Charge, Chief Executive, Chief Executive Officer, Civil Government, Claws, Clutches, Command, Command Function, Commission, Completion, Conduct, Control, Council, Cure, Custodianship, Custody, Dean, Dean Of Men, Dean Of Women, Decision-Making, Delivery, Direction, Directorate, Directory, Disbursal, Disbursement, Discharge, Discipline, Dispatch, Dispensation, Dispersion, Disposal, Disposition, Distribution, Dole, Doling, Doling Out, Dominion, Dosage, Dosing, Effectuation, Empery, Empire, Enactment, Enforcing, Execution, Executive, Executive Arm, Executive Committee, Executive Director, Executive Function, Executive Hierarchy, Executive Officer, Executive Secretary, Forcing, Forcing On, Form Of Government, Furnishing, Giving, Giving Out, Governance, Governing Board, Governing Body, Government, Grip, Guardianship, Guidance, Hand, Handling, Hands, Headmaster, Headmistress, Hierarchy, Higher Echelons, Higher-Ups, Implementation, Infrastructure, Interlocking Directorate, Iron Hand, Issuance, Jurisdiction, Keeping, Magistrate, Management, Managing Director, Master, Meting Out, Ministry, Officer, Official, Officialdom, Officiation, Oversight, Passing Around, Pastorage, Pastorate, Pastorship, Patronage, Paying Out, Performance, Perpetration, Political Organization, Polity, Power, Prefect, Prelacy, Prescribing, President, Prexy, Principal, Protectorship, Provision, Provost, Raj, Rector, Regime, Regimen, Regnancy, Regulation, Reign, Rule, Ruling Class, Ruling Classes, Safe Hands, Secretary, Sovereignty, Steering Committee, Stewardship, Superintendence, Supervision, Supplying, Sway, System Of Government, Talons, The Establishment, The Administration, The Authorities, The Brass, The Executive, The Ingroup, The Interests, The People Upstairs, The Power Elite, The Power Structure, The Top, Them, They, Top Brass, Transaction, Treasurer, Tutelage, Vice-Chancellor, Vice-President, Ward, Warden, Wardenship, Wardship, Watch And Ward, Wing