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Adore Accord Respect To, Admire, Adulate, Affection, Apotheosize, Appreciate, Bask In, Be Pleased With, Cherish, Coddle, Dearly Love, Defer To, Deify, Delight In, Derive Pleasure From, Devour, Do Homage To, Do Service, Dote, Dote On, Eat Up, Enjoy, Entertain Respect For, Esteem, Exalt, Extol, Fancy, Favor, Feast On, Freak Out On, Get High On, Gloat Over, Groove On, Hallow, Hero-Worship, Hold Dear, Hold In Esteem, Hold In Reverence, Honor, Idolize, Indulge, Indulge In, Laud, Like, Look Up To, Love, Love To Distraction, Luxuriate In, Pamper, Pay Homage To, Praise, Prize, Regard, Rejoice In, Relish, Respect, Revel In, Revere, Reverence, Riot In, Savor, Smack The Lips, Spoil, Swim In, Take Pleasure In, Think Highly Of, Think Much Of, Think Well Of, Treasure, Value, Venerate, Wallow In, Worship