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Advance Brownian Movement, Great Leap Forward, Wall Street Loan, Abet, Accelerate, Access, Accession, Accommodate With, Accommodation, Accomplishment, Accost, Accretion, Accrual, Accrue, Accruement, Acculturate, Accumulate, Accumulation, Achieve Success, Act For, Addition, Adduce, Advance, Advance Against, Advance Upon, Advancement, Advancing, Advantage, Advent, Afflux, Affluxion, Aggrandize, Aggrandizement, Ahead Of Time, Aid, Air, Allege, Ameliorate, Amelioration, Amend, Amendment, Amplification, Anabasis, Angular Motion, Answer, Appreciate, Appreciation, Approach, Approaching, Appropinquate, Appropinquation, Approximate, Approximation, Appulse, Array, Arrive, Ascend, Ascending, Ascent, Asking Price, Assert, Assist, Augmentation, Avail, Axial Motion, Back, Back Up, Backflowing, Backing, Backward Motion, Balloon, Ballooning, Be A Success, Be Instrumental, Be Right, Bear Down On, Bear Down Upon, Bear Fruit, Bear Up, Befit, Befitting, Before, Beforehand, Benefit, Better, Bettering, Betterment, Beyond, Bid, Bloat, Bloating, Bloom, Blossom, Blossoming, Boom, Boost, Bowl, Break Bounds, Break No Bones, Break Through, Breakthrough, Breed, Bring Before, Bring Forward, Bring On, Bring To Bear, Bring Up, Broach, Broaden, Broadening, Budge, Buildup, Bunt, Butt, Call Loan, Call Money, Career, Change, Change Place, Circle, Cite, Civilize, Climb, Climbing, Close, Close In, Close With, Collateral Loan, Come, Come Along, Come Closer, Come Forward, Come Near, Come On, Come Through, Come Up, Coming, Coming Near, Coming Toward, Commend To Attention, Conduce To, Confront, Continue, Contribute To, Counterattack, Course, Cover Ground, Crescendo, Current, Cut A Swath, Decide, Demand Loan, Deploy, Deposit, Descend, Descending, Descent, Determine, Develop, Development, Developmental Change, Do Good, Do No Harm, Do The Trick, Do Well, Downward Motion, Draw Near, Draw Nigh, Drift, Driftage, Drive, Ebb, Ebbing, Edema, Edify, Educate, Elaboration, Elapse, Elevate, Elevation, Emend, Encounter, Encourage, Encroach, Endure, Enhance, Enhancement, Enjoy Prosperity, Enlargement, Enlighten, Ennoble, Ennoblement, Enrich, Enrichment, Eugenics, Euthenics, Evolute, Evolution, Evolutionary Change, Evolve, Evolvement, Evolving, Exalt, Exaltation, Expansion, Expedite, Expediting, Expedition, Expire, Explication, Expose, Extension, External Loan, Facilitate, Facilitation, Farewell, Fatten, Favor, Feeler, Fill The Bill, Fit, Flank, Flight, Flit, Float A Loan, Flood, Flow, Flow On, Flower, Flowering, Flowing Toward, Flux, Fly, Foreign Loan, Forge Ahead, Forthcoming, Forward, Forward Motion, Forwardal, Forwarding, Foster, Further, Furtherance, Furthering, Gain, Gain Ground, Gain Strength, Gain Upon, Gas, Gather Head, Gather Way, Get Ahead, Get Along, Get On, Get On Swimmingly, Get On Well, Get Over, Get There, Glide, Glorify, Go, Go Ahead, Go Along, Go Around, Go Between, Go By, Go Far, Go Fast, Go Forward, Go On, Go Places, Go Round, Go Sideways, Go Straight, Go Too Far, Go Up, Go Well, Go-Ahead, Gradual Change, Graduate, Graduation, Greatening, Grow, Grow Better, Growth, Gush, Gyrate, Hasten, Have It Made, Headway, Heighten, Help, Helping Along, Hike, Imminence, Immortalize, Impel, Improve, Improve Upon, Improvement, In Advance, In Front Of, Increase, Increment, Infiltrate, Inflation, Influence, Infringe, Intensify, Introduce, Intrude, Invade, Invitation, Irrupt, Jump, Kick Upstairs, Knight, Knighting, Know No Bounds, Lapse, Lard, Last, Launch, Launch An Attack, Lay, Lay Before, Lay Down, Lead To, Leap, Lease-Lend, Lend, Lend Wings To, Lend-Lease, Lending, Lending At Interest, Lift, Loan, Loan-Shark, Loan-Sharking, Loaning, Long-Term Loan, Look Up, Magnify, Make A Breakthrough, Make A Motion, Make A Success, Make An Improvement, Make An Inroad, Make For, Make Good, Make Good Time, Make Head Against, Make Headway, Make It, Make Progress, Make Progress Against, Make Strides, Make The Scene, Make Up Leeway, March, March Against, March Upon, Marshal, Maturate, Maturation, Mature, Mediate, Meliorate, Melioration, Mellow, Mend, Mending, Minister To, Moneylending, Moot, Mount, Mount An Attack, Mounting, Move, Move Forward, Move Over, Multiplication, Multiply, Narrow The Gap, Natural Development, Natural Growth, Near, Nearing, Nearness, Negotiate A Loan, Nonviolent Change, Not Come Amiss, Nurture, Oblique Motion, Offer, Offer A Resolution, Offering, Oncoming, Ongoing, Onrush, Onward Course, Open An Offensive, Open Up, Overstep, Overstep The Bounds, Overture, Pass, Pass Along, Pass By, Pass On, Passage, Passing, Pay Raise, Pedal, Perk Up, Pick Up, Pickup, Plead, Plunge, Plunging, Pole, Policy Loan, Pose, Posit, Postulate, Predicate, Prefer, Preferential Treatment, Preferment, Preliminary Approach, Prepay, Prepayment, Present, Presentation, Press On, Proceed, Produce, Productiveness, Proffer, Proficiency, Profit, Progress, Progression, Progressiveness, Proliferate, Proliferation, Promote, Promotion, Propel, Propose, Proposition, Propound, Prosper, Proximate, Proximation, Push, Push Forward, Put Forth, Put Forward, Put It To, Quicken, Radial Motion, Raise, Rally, Random Motion, Recommend, Recovery, Redound To, Refine Upon, Reflowing, Refluence, Reflux, Reform, Regress, Regression, Restoration, Retrogress, Retrogression, Revival, Ripen, Ripening, Rise, Rising, Roll, Roll On, Rolling, Rolling On, Rotate, Row, Run, Run Its Course, Run On, Run Out, Run Up, Rush, Rushing, Secured Loan, Serve, Set, Set Before, Set Forth, Set Forward, Shape Up, Shift, Shoot Up, Short-Term Loan, Shove, Show Improvement, Shunt, Shylocking, Sideward Motion, Sidle Up To, Sink, Sinking, Skyrocket, Slide, Slip, Snowball, Snowballing, Soar, Soaring, Socialize, Special Treatment, Speed, Speeding, Spin, Spread, Start, Stem, Step Forward, Step Up, Sternway, Stir, Straighten Out, Stream, Strengthen, Strike, Submission, Submit, Subserve, Subside, Subsiding, Succeed, Suggest, Suit The Occasion, Surge, Sweep, Sweep Along, Swell, Swelling, Take Off, Tentative Approach, Thrust, Time Loan, Traject, Trajet, Transfigure, Transform, Transgress, Travel, Treadle, Trend, Trespass, Troll, Trundle, Tumescence, Turn Out Well, Turn The Scale, Unsecured Loan, Up, Upbeat, Upgrade, Upgrading, Uplift, Upping, Upsurge, Upswing, Uptrend, Upturn, Upward Mobility, Upward Motion, Usurp, Usury, Wane, Wax, Waxing, Way, Whirl, Widen, Widening, Work