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Adventurous Adventuresome, Adversary, Aggressive, Aleatory, Ambitious, Antagonist, Anti, Assaulter, Attacker, Audacious, Bold, Brash, Brave, Chancy, Con, Courageous, Daredevil, Daring, Death-Defying, Devil-May-Care, Dicey, Doughty, Driving, Dynamic, Enterprising, Fire-Eating, Foolhardy, Forceful, Forward, Full Of Risk, Go-Ahead, Harebrained, Hazardous, Hotheaded, Hustling, Impetuous, Imprudent, Intrepid, Madbrain, Madbrained, Madcap, Match, Opposer, Oppugnant, Overbold, Overconfident, Presumptuous, Pushful, Pushing, Pushy, Rash, Reckless, Riskful, Risky, Speculative, Temerarious, Up-And-Coming, Venturesome, Venturous, Wild, Wild-Ass, Wildcat