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Aestival Arctic, Autumn, Autumnal, Beryl-Green, Berylline, Blood-Hot, Blood-Warm, Blue-Green, Bluish-Green, Boreal, Brumal, Calid, Canicular, Chartreuse, Chloranemic, Chlorine, Chlorotic, Citrine, Citrinous, Emerald, Equatorial, Equinoctial, Foliaged, Genial, Glaucescent, Glaucous, Glaucous-Green, Grassy, Green, Green As Grass, Green-Blue, Greenish, Greenish-Blue, Greenish-Yellow, Greensick, Hibernal, Hiemal, Holly, Ivy, Ivy-Green, Leafy, Leaved, Luke, Lukewarm, Midsummer, Midwinter, Mild, Olivaceous, Olive, Olive-Green, Out Of Season, Porraceous, Room-Temperature, Seasonal, Smaragdine, Solstitial, Spring, Springlike, Subtropical, Summer, Summerlike, Summerly, Summery, Sunny, Sunshiny, Temperate, Tepid, Thermal, Thermic, Toasty, Tropical, Unfrozen, Verdant, Verdurous, Vernal, Vernant, Vert, Virescent, Warm, Warm As Toast, Warmish, Winter, Winterlike, Wintery, Wintry, Yellowish-Green