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Affect Act, Act A Part, Act Like, Act On, Act Upon, Actuate, Adopt, Affect, Affection, Affectivity, Agitate, Alter, Answer To, Appertain To, Apply To, Assume, Attack, Attitude, Be Dressed In, Bear On, Bear Upon, Belong To, Bend, Betoken, Bias, Bluff, Borrow, Brandish, Breathe, Bring, Bring Forth, Bring Forward, Bring Into View, Bring Out, Bring To Notice, Call For, Carry, Change, Choose, Chorus, Color, Come Home To, Comprise, Concentrate On, Concern, Connect, Contain, Copy, Correspond To, Counterfeit, Cover Up, Crib, Dangle, Deal With, Demonstrate, Develop, Disclose, Display, Dispose, Dissemble, Dissimulate, Ditto, Divulge, Do, Do A Bit, Do Like, Dramatize, Draw, Drive, Echo, Embody, Emotion, Emotional Charge, Emotional Shade, Emotivity, Enact, Entail, Evidence, Evince, Exhibit, Experience, Expose To View, Express, Fake, Feeling, Feeling Tone, Feign, Flaunt, Flourish, Focus On, Foreboding, Forge, Four-Flush, Gammon, Get, Give Sign, Give Token, Go Deep, Go Like, Go Through One, Grieve, Gut Reaction, Hang Out, Haunt, Have Connection With, Have On, Heartthrob, Highlight, Histrionize, Hit, Hit The Mark, Hoke, Hoke Up, Illuminate, Imitate, Impel, Implicate, Imply, Impress, Impress Forcibly, Impression, Incarnate, Incline, Indicate, Induce, Influence, Inspire, Interest, Involve, Lay Hold Of, Lead, Lead To, Let On, Let On Like, Liaise With, Link With, Make A Pretense, Make An Impression, Make As If, Make Believe, Make Clear, Make Like, Make Out Like, Make Plain, Manifest, Materialize, Mean, Melt, Melt The Heart, Mental Attitude, Mirror, Modify, Move, Operate On, Opinion, Overact, Parade, Passion, Penetrate, Perform, Persuade, Pertain To, Perturb, Pierce, Plagiarize, Play, Play A Part, Play A Scene, Play Possum, Playact, Position, Posture, Predispose, Present, Presentiment, Presume, Presuppose, Pretend, Pretend To, Produce, Profess, Profound Sense, Prompt, Psychology, Put On, Put On Airs, Reach, Reaction, Reecho, Refer To, Reflect, Regard, Relate To, Repeat, Represent, Require, Resort, Respect, Response, Reveal, Rock, Roll Out, Sadden, Select, Sensation, Sense, Sentiment, Set Forth, Sham, Show, Show Forth, Simulate, Sink In, Smart, Smite, Soften, Soften Up, Sport, Spotlight, Stance, Sting, Stir, Strike, Strike Hard, Strike Home, Subsume, Sway, Take, Take In, Tell, Tie In With, Tinge, Token, Tone, Touch, Touch A Chord, Touch Upon, Transform, Traumatize, Treat, Treat Of, Trot Out, Trouble, Tug The Heartstrings, Undercurrent, Unfold, Upset, Use, Wave, Way Of Thinking, Wear, Wear Down, Weigh With, Work