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Afford Accommodate, Accommodate With, Accord, Administer, Allot, Allow, Amount To, Award, Be Loaded, Bear, Bear The Expense, Bestow, Bestow On, Bring, Bring In, Clothe, Come To, Come Up To, Command Money, Communicate, Confer, Contribute, Cost, Deal, Deal Out, Dish Out, Dispense, Dole, Dole Out, Donate, Endow, Endure, Extend, Favor With, Fetch, Fill, Fill Up, Find, Fork Out, Fund, Furnish, Gift, Gift With, Give, Give Forth, Give Freely, Give Out, Give Up, Grant, Gross, Hand Out, Have Independent Means, Have Means, Have Money, Have The Wherewithal, Heap, Heap Upon, Help To, Impart, Indulge With, Invest, Issue, Keep, Lavish, Lavish Upon, Let Have, Maintain, Make Available, Make Provision For, Manage, Mete, Mete Out, Mount Up To, Net, Offer, Pay, Pay Off, Pour, Pour On, Prepare, Present, Produce, Proffer, Provide, Provide For, Rain, Recruit, Render, Replenish, Return, Run Into, Run To, Sacrifice, Sell For, Serve, Set One Back, Shell Out, Shower, Shower Down Upon, Slip, Snow, Spare, Spare The Price, Stand, Stock, Store, Subsidize, Supply, Support, Tender, Total Up To, Undergo, Vouchsafe, Well Afford, Yield