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Afterthought Ps, Parthian Shot, About-Face, Addendum, Afterthoughts, Appendix, Back Matter, Better Thoughts, Bind, Block, Blockage, Bureaucratic Delay, Change Of Mind, Chorus, Coda, Codicil, Colophon, Conclusion, Consequence, Continuance, Continuation, Delay, Delayage, Delayed Reaction, Detention, Developed Thought, Double Take, Dragging, Dying Words, Envoi, Epilogue, Flip, Flip-Flop, Follow-Through, Follow-Up, Halt, Hang-Up, Hindrance, Holdup, Interim, Jam, Lag, Lagging, Last Words, Logjam, Mature Judgment, Mature Thought, Moratorium, Obstruction, Paperasserie, Parting Shot, Pause, Peroration, Postface, Postfix, Postlude, Postscript, Re-Examination, Reappraisal, Reconsideration, Red Tape, Red-Tapeism, Red-Tapery, Refrain, Reprieve, Respite, Retardance, Retardation, Rethinking, Revaluation, Reversal, Reverse, Review, Right-About, Right-About-Face, Ripe Idea, Second Thought, Second Thoughts, Sequel, Sequela, Sequelae, Sequelant, Sequent, Sequitur, Slow-Up, Slowdown, Slowness, Stay, Stay Of Execution, Stop, Stoppage, Subscript, Suffix, Supplement, Suspension, Swan Song, Tag, Tergiversating, Tergiversation, Tie-Up, Time Lag, Turnabout, Turnaround, Volte-Face, Wait