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Age Bronze Age, Dark Ages, Depression Era, Golden Age, Ice Age, Iron Age, Jacksonian Age, Middle Ages, New Deal Era, Platonic Year, Prohibition Era, Silver Age, Steel Age, Stone Age, Abidingness, Aboriginality, Aeon, Ages, Ancien Regime, Ancientness, Annus Magnus, Antiquate, Antiquity, Atavism, Become Extinct, Become Obsolete, Blue Moon, Caducity, Century, Cheat The Undertaker, Cobwebs Of Antiquity, Constancy, Continuance, Cycle, Cycle Of Indiction, Date, Day, Days, Decline, Defeat Of Time, Defiance Of Time, Develop, Diuturnity, Dodder, Durability, Durableness, Duration, Dust Of Ages, Eld, Elderliness, Eldership, Endurance, Epoch, Era, Eternity, Fade, Fail, Florid, Fossilize, Fust, Generation, Get Along, Get On, Glacial Epoch, Great Age, Great Year, Grow, Grow Old, Grow Up, Hoary Age, Hoary Eld, Indiction, Inveteracy, Lastingness, Life, Lifetime, Long, Long Standing, Long Time, Long While, Long-Lastingness, Long-Livedness, Longevity, Lose Currency, Maintenance, Maturate, Mellow, Molder, Month Of Sundays, Obsolesce, Old Age, Old Order, Old Style, Oldness, Outdate, Perdurability, Perennation, Period Of Existence, Perish, Permanence, Perpetuity, Persistence, Primitiveness, Primogeniture, Primordialism, Primordiality, Right Smart Spell, Ripe, Ripen, Rust, Senectitude, Senescence, Senility, Seniority, Shake, Shrivel, Sink, Stability, Standing, Steadfastness, Superannuate, Survival, Survivance, Time, Totter, Turn Gray, Turn White, Venerableness, Wane, Waste Away, Wither, Wizen, Wrinkle, Years, Years On End