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Agency Action, Activity, Agent, Agentship, Antecedent, Assignment, Atelier, Authority, Authorization, Barbershop, Barter, Bartering, Beauty Parlor, Beauty Shop, Bench, Brevet, Brokerage, Butcher Shop, Buying And Selling, Care, Cause, Change, Channel, Charge, Commission, Commissioning, Commitment, Commutation, Company, Concern, Conduct, Consignment, Corporation, Cure, Dealing, Delegated Authority, Delegation, Deputation, Deputyship, Desk, Determinant, Device, Devolution, Devolvement, Direction, Displacement, Doing Business, Driving, Embassy, Empowerment, Energy, Entrusting, Entrustment, Errand, Establishment, Exchange, Execution, Executorship, Exequatur, Exercise, Expedient, Facility, Factorship, Firm, Force, Full Power, Functioning, Gear, Give-And-Take, Going Between, Handling, Horse Trading, House, Installation, Institution, Instrumentality, Instrumentation, Intercession, Interchange, Intermediation, Intervention, Jobbing, Jurisdiction, Legation, License, Lieutenancy, Loft, Machinery, Management, Mandate, Manipulation, Means, Mechanism, Mediation, Medium, Merchandising, Ministry, Mission, Occupation, Office, Operancy, Operation, Organ, Organization, Parlor, Performance, Performing, Plenipotentiary Power, Power, Power Of Attorney, Power To Act, Practice, Procuration, Proxy, Purview, Quid Pro Quo, Recourse, Regency, Regentship, Replacement, Representation, Resort, Responsibility, Retailing, Running, Service, Shop, Steering, Studio, Subrogation, Substitution, Supersedence, Superseding, Supersedure, Supersession, Supplantation, Supplanting, Supplantment, Swapping, Sweatshop, Switch, Task, Tit For Tat, Trade, Trading, Trafficking, Trust, Trusteeship, Vehicle, Vicarious Authority, Vicariousness, Warrant, Wheeling And Dealing, Wholesaling, Work, Work Site, Work Space, Workbench, Workhouse, Working, Working Space, Workings, Workplace, Workroom, Workshop, Worktable