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Aggrandize Add To, Advance, Amplify, Apotheose, Apotheosize, Augment, Ballyhoo, Beatify, Beef Up, Bloat, Blow Up, Boost, Broaden, Build, Build Up, Bulk, Bulk Out, Burlesque, Canonize, Caricature, Carry Too Far, Crescendo, Crown, Deify, Develop, Dignify, Dilate, Distend, Distinguish, Draw The Longbow, Elevate, Enlarge, Ennoble, Enshrine, Enthrone, Erect, Exaggerate, Exalt, Expand, Extend, Fatten, Fill Out, Glamorize, Glorify, Go To Extremes, Graduate, Heighten, Hike, Hike Up, Honor, Huff, Hyperbolize, Immortalize, Increase, Inflate, Jack Up, Jump Up, Kick Upstairs, Knight, Lay It On, Lengthen, Lionize, Magnify, Make Legendary, Make Much Of, Maximize, Multiply, Overcharge, Overdo, Overdraw, Overestimate, Overpraise, Overreach, Overreact, Oversell, Overspeak, Overstate, Overstress, Parlay, Pass, Pile It On, Prefer, Promote, Puff, Puff Up, Pump, Pump Up, Put Up, Pyramid, Raise, Rarefy, Saint, Sanctify, Set Up, Stretch, Stretch The Truth, Sublime, Sufflate, Swell, Talk Big, Talk In Superlatives, Thicken, Throne, Tout, Travesty, Up, Upgrade, Uplift, Uprear, Widen