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Ail Ache, Afflict, Agonize, Anguish, Be Affected With, Be The Matter, Beset, Bite, Blanch, Blench, Bother, Burn, Chafe, Complain Of, Complicate Matters, Concern, Convulse, Crucify, Cut, Discommode, Distress, Disturb, Excruciate, Feel Ill, Feel Pain, Feel The Pangs, Fester, Fret, Gall, Give Pain, Gnaw, Grate, Grimace, Grind, Gripe, Harass, Harrow, Have A Misery, Hurt, Inconvenience, Inflame, Inflict Pain, Irk, Irritate, Kill By Inches, Labor Under, Lacerate, Martyr, Martyrize, Nip, Pain, Perplex, Perturb, Pierce, Pinch, Plague, Pother, Pound, Prick, Prolong The Agony, Put Out, Put To It, Put To Torture, Puzzle, Rack, Rankle, Rasp, Rub, Shoot, Shrink, Smart, Stab, Sting, Suffer, Thrill, Throb, Tingle, Torment, Torture, Trouble, Try, Tweak, Twinge, Twist, Twitch, Upset, Vex, Wince, Worry, Wound, Wring, Writhe