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Aim At Aim, Aspire After, Aspire To, Barrage, Be After, Be Desirous Of, Bend, Blast, Blitz, Bombard, Cannon, Cannonade, Choose, Commence Firing, Desiderate, Design, Desire, Destine, Determine, Direct, Directionize, Drive At, Enfilade, Fancy, Favor, Fire A Volley, Fire At, Fire Upon, Fix, Fix On, Fusillade, Go For, Harbor A Design, Have Designs On, Have Every Intention, Hold On, Intend, Level At, Like, Love, Lust, Lust After, Mean, Mortar, Open Fire, Open Up On, Pepper, Plan, Point, Point At, Point To, Pop At, Prefer, Present, Project, Propose, Purport, Purpose, Rake, Resolve, Set, Shell, Shoot, Shoot At, Sight On, Snipe, Snipe At, Strafe, Take Aim At, Take To, Think, Torpedo, Train, Train Upon, Turn, Turn Upon, Want, Wish, Wish To Goodness, Wish Very Much, Would Fain Do, Zero In On