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Air Space Cat, Lebensraum, Aerospace, Aerosphere, Air Hole, Air Pocket, Area, Back Country, Belt, Bump, Ceiling, Clear Space, Clearance, Clearing, Confines, Continental Shelf, Corridor, Country, Crosswind, Department, Desert, Distant Prospect, District, Division, Elbowroom, Empty Space, Empty View, Environs, Favorable Wind, Fog, Front, Glade, Ground, Head Wind, Headroom, Heartland, High-Pressure Area, Hinterland, Hole, Ionosphere, Jetstream, Land, Latitude, Leeway, Living Space, Low-Pressure Area, Margin, Milieu, Neighborhood, Offshore Rights, Open Country, Open Space, Outback, Overcast, Part, Parts, Place, Plain, Play, Pocket, Prairie, Precincts, Premises, Purlieus, Quarter, Region, Room, Room To Spare, Roughness, Salient, Sea Room, Section, Soil, Soup, Space, Spare Room, Steppe, Stratosphere, Substratosphere, Swing, Tail Wind, Terrain, Territory, Three-Mile Limit, Tropopause, Troposphere, Trough, Turbulence, Twelve-Mile Limit, Vicinage, Vicinity, Visibility, Visibility Zero, Way, Wide-Open Spaces, Wilderness, Zone