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Airfreight Air Express, Air Transport, Air Travel, Air-Express, Airlift, Airmail, Asportation, Bearing, Carriage, Carry, Carrying, Cartage, Consign, Conveyance, Dispatch, Drayage, Drop A Letter, Embark, Expedite, Export, Express, Expressage, Ferriage, Forward, Freight, Freightage, Haulage, Hauling, Lighterage, Lugging, Mail, Packing, Portage, Porterage, Post, Railway Express, Range, Remit, Send, Send Away, Send Forth, Send Off, Ship, Shipment, Shipping, Shuttle, Shuttle Service, Telpherage, Toting, Transmit, Transport, Transportation, Transshipment, Truckage, Waft, Waftage, Wagonage