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Airy Barmecidal, Barmecide, Olympian, Adulterated, Aeolian, Aerial, Aeriform, Aerodynamic, Aerostatic, Aery, Air-Built, Airish, Airlike, Airy, Alfresco, Altitudinous, Animated, Apparent, Apparitional, Ascending, Asinine, Asomatous, Aspiring, Astral, Atmospheric, Attenuate, Attenuated, Autistic, Blasty, Blowy, Blustering, Blusterous, Blustery, Bodiless, Boreal, Bouncy, Boyish, Breezy, Brisk, Bubbly, Buoyant, Carefree, Careless, Casual, Catchpenny, Chimeric, Chimerical, Cloud-Built, Colossal, Corky, Cursory, Cut, Dainty, Debonair, Decarnate, Decarnated, Deceptive, Degage, Delicate, Delusional, Delusionary, Delusive, Delusory, Dereistic, Diaphanous, Dilute, Diluted, Discarnate, Disembodied, Disregardant, Disregardful, Dominating, Downy, Drafty, Dreamlike, Dreamy, Easygoing, Effervescent, Elevated, Eminent, Empty, Erroneous, Ethereal, Exalted, Expansive, Exposed, Exquisite, Extramundane, Fallacious, FALSE, Fanciful, Fantastic, Fatuitous, Fatuous, Favonian, Feathery, Fine, Fine-Drawn, Finespun, Flawy, Flimsy, Flippant, Fluffy, Foamy, Foolish, Forgetful, Frail, Free And Easy, Fresh, Fribble, Fribbling, Frivolous, Frothy, Fuming, Fumy, Futile, Gaseous, Gasified, Gasiform, Gaslike, Gassy, Gauzy, Ghostly, Girlish, Gossamer, Gossamery, Gracile, Gusty, Haughty, Heedless, High, High-Pitched, High-Reaching, High-Set, High-Spirited, High-Up, Idealistic, Idle, Illusional, Illusionary, Illusive, Illusory, Imaginary, Immaterial, Impalpable, Imponderable, Imponderous, Impractical, In The Clouds, Inane, Inconsiderate, Incorporate, Incorporeal, Indifferent, Insouciant, Insubstantial, Intangible, Jaunty, Lacy, Lazy, Leger, Light, Light As Air, Lighter Than Vanity, Lighthearted, Lightsome, Lofty, Mephitic, Miasmal, Miasmatic, Miasmic, Misleading, Misty, Monumental, Mounting, Mousse, Nonmaterial, Nonphysical, Nugacious, Nugatory, Oblivious, Occult, Offhand, Open-Air, Ostensible, Otherworldly, Otiose, Outtopping, Overlooking, Overtopping, Oxyacetylene, Oxygenous, Ozonic, Papery, Perfunctory, Perky, Phantasmagoric, Phantasmal, Phantom, Phantomlike, Pneumatic, Poetic, Prominent, Psychic, Puffy, Quixotic, Rare, Rarefied, Reckless, Reeking, Reeky, Regardless, Resilient, Respectless, Romancing, Romantic, Romanticized, Roomy, Seeming, Self-Deceptive, Self-Deluding, Shadowy, Shallow, Silly, Skyscraping, Slender, Slenderish, Slight, Slight-Made, Slim, Slimmish, Slinky, Small, Smoking, Smoky, Soaring, Souffle, Specious, Spectral, Spiring, Spirited, Spiritual, Spirituous, Squally, Starry-Eyed, Steaming, Steamy, Steep, Storybook, Sublime, Subtile, Subtle, Superficial, Superlative, Supernal, Supernatural, Supposititious, Svelte, Sylphlike, Tactless, Tenuous, Thin, Thin-Bodied, Thin-Set, Thin-Spun, Thinned, Thinned-Out, Thinnish, Thoughtless, Threadlike, Topless, Toplofty, Topping, Towering, Towery, Transcendental, Transmundane, Trifling, Trite, Trivial, Tropospheric, Unactual, Uncompact, Uncompressed, Undiplomatic, Unearthly, Unembodied, Unextended, Unfleshly, Unfounded, Unheavy, Unheedful, Unheeding, Unmindful, Unphysical, Unpractical, Unprepared, Unready, Unreal, Unrealistic, Unsolicitous, Unsubstantial, Untactful, Unthinking, Unworldly, Uplifted, Upreared, Vacuous, Vague, Vain, Vapid, Vaporing, Vaporish, Vaporlike, Vaporous, Vapory, Visionary, Volatile, Wasp-Waisted, Watered, Watered-Down, Watery, Weak, Weightless, Willowy, Windswept, Windy, Wiredrawn, Wish-Fulfilling, Wispy, Yeasty