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Alabaster Amphibole, Antimony, Apatite, Aplite, Arsenic, Asbestos, Asphalt, Azurite, Bauxite, Billiard Table, Bitumen, Boron, Bowling Alley, Bowling Green, Brimstone, Bromine, Brucite, Calcite, Carbon, Celestite, Chalcedony, Chalk, Chlorite, Chromite, Clay, Coal, Coke, Corundum, Cryolite, Diatomite, Driven Snow, Emery, Epidote, Epsomite, Feldspar, Flat, Fleece, Flour, Foam, Garnet, Glass, Glauconite, Graphite, Gypsum, Hatchettine, Holosiderite, Ice, Iron Pyrites, Ivory, Jet, Kyanite, Level, Lignite, Lily, Lime, Maggot, Magnesite, Mahogany, Malachite, Maltha, Marble, Marcasite, Marl, Meerschaum, Mica, Milk, Mineral Coal, Mineral Oil, Mineral Salt, Mineral Tallow, Mineral Tar, Mineral Wax, Molybdenite, Monazite, Obsidian, Olivine, Ozokerite, Paper, Pearl, Peat, Perlite, Phosphate Rock, Phosphorus, Plane, Pumice, Pyrite, Pyrites, Pyroxene, Quartz, Realgar, Red Clay, Rhodonite, Rock Crystal, Rocks, Salt, Satin, Selenite, Selenium, Sheet, Siderite, Silica, Silicate, Silicon, Silk, Silver, Slide, Smooth, Snow, Spar, Spinel, Spodumene, Sulfur, Swan, Talc, Talcum, Tellurium, Tennis Court, Velvet, Wollastonite, Wulfenite, Zeolite