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Alienated Alone, Aloof, Antiestablishment, Apart, At Odds With, At Variance With, Breakaway, Companionless, Counter-Culture, Detached, Differing, Disaffected, Disagreeing, Disarticulated, Disconnected, Disengaged, Disjoined, Disjoint, Disjointed, Disjunct, Dislocated, Dispersed, Dissentient, Dissenting, Dissident, Disunited, Divided, Divorced, Estranged, Friendless, Homeless, In Opposition, Insular, Irreconcilable, Isolated, Kithless, Lone, Lonely, Lonesome, Nonconforming, Opposing, Recusant, Removed, Rootless, Scattered, Sectarian, Sectary, Segregated, Separate, Separated, Sequestered, Shut Off, Single-Handed, Solitary, Solo, Torn, Unabetted, Unaccompanied, Unaided, Unassisted, Unattended, Underground, Unescorted, Unseconded, Unsupported, Withdrawn