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Allegory Marchen, Western, Western Story, Westerner, Adventure Story, Allusion, Analogy, Apologue, Arcane Meaning, Assumption, Balancing, Bedtime Story, Charactery, Cipher, Coloration, Comparative Anatomy, Comparative Degree, Comparative Grammar, Comparative Judgment, Comparative Linguistics, Comparative Literature, Comparative Method, Compare, Comparing, Comparison, Confrontation, Confrontment, Connotation, Contrast, Contrastiveness, Conventional Symbol, Correlation, Detective Story, Distinction, Distinctiveness, Emblem, Fable, Fabliau, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Fiction, Figuration, Folk Story, Folktale, Gest, Ghost Story, Hint, Horse Opera, Iconology, Ideogram, Implication, Implied Meaning, Import, Inference, Innuendo, Intimation, Ironic Suggestion, Legend, Likening, Logogram, Logotype, Love Knot, Love Story, Matching, Meaning, Metaphor, Metaphorical Sense, Mystery, Mystery Story, Myth, Mythology, Mythos, Nuance, Nursery Tale, Occult Meaning, Opposing, Opposition, Overtone, Parable, Parallelism, Pictogram, Presumption, Presupposition, Proportion, Relation, Romance, Science Fiction, Shocker, Simile, Similitude, Space Fiction, Space Opera, Subsense, Subsidiary Sense, Suggestion, Supposition, Suspense Story, Symbol, Symbolic System, Symbolism, Symbolization, Symbology, Thriller, Tinge, Token, Totem, Totem Pole, Touch, Trope Of Comparison, Type, Typification, Undercurrent, Undermeaning, Undertone, Weighing, Whodunit, Work Of Fiction