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Allotment C Ration, K Ration, Aid, Alimony, Allocation, Allowance, Annuity, Appointment, Apportionment, Appropriation, Arrangement, Array, Arraying, Assignment, Assistance, Big End, Bigger Half, Bit, Bite, Board, Bounty, Budget, Chunk, Collation, Collocation, Commission, Commons, Constitution, Contingent, Cut, Deal, Depletion Allowance, Deployment, Destiny, Disposal, Disposition, Distribution, Dividend, Dole, Earmarking, Emergency Rations, End, Equal Share, Fate, Fellowship, Field Rations, Financial Assistance, Form, Formation, Formulation, Grant, Grant-In-Aid, Guaranteed Annual Income, Half, Halver, Help, Helping, Interest, Kitchen Garden, Lot, Market Garden, Marshaling, Meals, Measure, Meed, Mess, Modicum, Moiety, Old-Age Insurance, Order, Ordering, Part, Patch, Pecuniary Aid, Pension, Percentage, Piece, Placement, Plot, Portion, Price Support, Proportion, Public Assistance, Public Welfare, Quantum, Quota, Rake-Off, Ration, Rations, Regimentation, Relief, Retirement Benefits, Scholarship, Segment, Setting Aside, Share, Short Commons, Slice, Small Share, Stake, Stipend, Stock, Structuring, Subsidization, Subsidy, Subvention, Support, Syntax, Tagging, Tax Benefit, Tract, Truck Garden, Tucker, Welfare, Welfare Aid, Welfare Payments