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Allow For Admit, Admit Exceptions, Allow, Bear With, Blink At, Color, Concede, Condone, Connive At, Consider, Consider The Circumstances, Consider The Source, Diminish, Discount, Disregard, Ease, Endure, Extenuate, Gloss Over, Grant, Ignore, Leave Unavenged, Lessen, Let It Go, Lift Temporarily, Make Allowance For, Make Allowances For, Mince, Mitigate, Overlook, Palliate, Pass Over, Pocket The Affront, Provide For, Regard With Indulgence, Relax, Relax The Condition, Set Aside, Slur Over, Soft-Pedal, Soften, Take, Take Account Of, Take Into Account, Take Into Consideration, Varnish, Waive, Whitewash, Wink At