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Allow Ok, Abate, Accede, Accept, Accord, Account, Acknowledge, Acquiesce, Add, Adjudge, Adjudicate, Administer, Admit, Admit Everything, Admit Exceptions, Afford, Agree Provisionally, Agree To, Allocate, Allot, Allow For, Apportion, Appropriate, Approve, Assent, Assent Grudgingly, Assign, Authorize, Avow, Award, Bate, Be Judicious, Bestow, Bestow On, Brook, Budget, Charge Off, Come Clean, Communicate, Concede, Confer, Confess, Consent, Consent To, Consider, Consider The Circumstances, Consider The Source, Cop A Plea, Count, Countenance, Cut, Deal, Deal Out, Deduct, Deem, Defer, Depreciate, Discount, Dish Out, Dispense, Disregard, Dole, Dole Out, Donate, Earmark, Endure, Entertain, Esteem, Exercise Judgment, Express An Opinion, Express General Agreement, Extend, Fork Out, Form An Opinion, Gift, Gift With, Give, Give Freely, Give Leave, Give Out, Give Permission, Give The Go-Ahead, Give The Word, Go Along With, Grant, Hand Out, Have, Heap, Help To, Hold, Impart, Issue, Judge, Kick Back, Lavish, Leave, Let, Let Have, Let On, Lift Temporarily, Lot, Make Allowance, Make Allowance For, Make Possible, Mete, Mete Out, Not Oppose, Offer, Okay, Open Up, Out With It, Own, Own Up, Permit, Pine, Plead Guilty, Pour, Present, Presume, Proffer, Provide For, Put Aside, Put Up With, Rain, Rebate, Recognize, Reduce, Refund, Regard, Relax, Relax The Condition, Release, Render, Sanction, Say The Word, Serve, Set Apart, Set Aside, Shell Out, Shower, Slip, Snow, Spill, Spill It, Spit It Out, Stand, Stand For, Submit, Suffer, Suppose, Take A Premium, Take Account Of, Take Into Account, Take Into Consideration, Take Off, Tell All, Tell The Truth, Tender, Think Of, Tolerate, Vouchsafe, Waive, Warrant, Write Off, Yield