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Altercation Kilkenny Cats, Argument, Bicker, Bickering, Blood Feud, Brawl, Broil, Cat-And-Dog Life, Combat, Conflict, Contention, Contentiousness, Contest, Contestation, Controversy, Cut And Thrust, Debate, Disputation, Dispute, Donnybrook, Donnybrook Fair, Embroilment, Enmity, Falling-Out, Feud, Fight, Fighting, Fliting, Fracas, Fuss, Hostility, Imbroglio, Litigation, Logomachy, Open Quarrel, Paper War, Polemic, Quarrel, Quarreling, Quarrelsomeness, Scrapping, Sharp Words, Slanging Match, Snarl, Spat, Squabble, Squabbling, Strife, Struggle, Tiff, Tussle, Vendetta, War, War Of Words, Warfare, Words, Wrangle, Wrangling