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Amanuensis Federal, Accountant, Agent, Archivist, Baggage Agent, Bookkeeper, Business Agent, Calligrapher, Chirographer, Claim Agent, Clerk, Commercial Agent, Commission Agent, Consignee, Copier, Copyist, Customer Agent, Documentalist, Dupe, Engraver, Factor, Fed, Federal Agent, Filing Clerk, Freight Agent, Functionary, General Agent, Implement, Ink Spiller, Inkslinger, Instrument, Insurance Agent, Land Agent, Law Agent, Letterer, Librarian, Literary Agent, Loan Agent, Marker, News Agent, Notary, Notary Public, Official, Parliamentary Agent, Passenger Agent, Pen, Pencil Driver, Penman, Penner, Press Agent, Prothonotary, Puppet, Purchasing Agent, Real Estate Agent, Record Clerk, Recorder, Recording Secretary, Recordist, Register, Registrar, Sales Agent, Scorekeeper, Scorer, Scribbler, Scribe, Scrivener, Secretary, Special Agent, Station Agent, Stenographer, Steward, Stonecutter, Theatrical Agent, Ticket Agent, Timekeeper, Tool, Transcriber, Travel Agent, Walking Delegate, Word-Slinger, Writer