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Ambidextrous Janus-Like, Machiavellian, Adaptable, Adjustable, All-Around, Ambidexter, Ambidextral, Amphibious, Artful, Bifacial, Bifold, Biform, Bilateral, Binary, Binate, Biparous, Bivalent, Conduplicate, Crafty, Crooked, Cunning, Deceitful, Dextrosinistral, Dishonest, Disomatous, Double, Double-Dealing, Double-Faced, Double-Minded, Double-Tongued, Doublehearted, Dual, Duple, Duplex, Duplicate, Duplicitous, Faithless, FALSE, False-Principled, Falsehearted, Flexible, Geminate, Geminated, Generally Capable, Hypocritical, Left-Handed, Many-Sided, Mobile, Perfidious, Resourceful, Second, Secondary, Shifty, Sinistrodextral, Slippery, Supple, Treacherous, Tricky, Twin, Twinned, Two-Faced, Two-Handed, Two-Level, Two-Ply, Two-Sided, Two-Story, Twofold, Versatile