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Ambiguity Janus, Ambivalence, Amphibologism, Amphibology, Amphiboly, Antinomy, Asymmetry, Biformity, Bifurcation, Cavil, Conjugation, Counterword, Dichotomy, Disproportion, Disproportionateness, Dodge, Double Entendre, Double Meaning, Double-Talk, Doubleness, Doublethink, Doubling, Dualism, Duality, Duplexity, Duplication, Duplicity, Equivocacy, Equivocal, Equivocality, Equivocalness, Equivocation, Equivoque, Evasion, Haggling, Hair-Splitting, Halving, Hedge, Heresy, Heterodoxy, Heterogeneity, Impenetrability, Imprecision, Inapprehensibility, Inarticulateness, Incognizability, Incoherence, Incommensurability, Incompatibility, Incomprehensibility, Inconclusiveness, Incongruity, Inconsistency, Inconsonance, Indefiniteness, Indistinctness, Inscrutability, Irony, Irreconcilability, Nonconformability, Nonconformity, Numinousness, Obscurity, Oxymoron, Pairing, Paradox, Polarity, Polysemant, Polysemousness, Portmanteau Word, Pun, Quibbling, Ramblingness, Self-Contradiction, Shift, Squinting Construction, Subterfuge, Tergiversation, Twinning, Two-Facedness, Twoness, Uncertainty, Unconformability, Unconformity, Unconnectedness, Unfathomableness, Unintelligibility, Unknowability, Unorthodoxy, Unsearchableness, Vagueness, Weasel Word