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Ambition Aim, Ambitiousness, Animus, Anxiety, Appetite, Aspiration, Avidity, Basis, Calling, Careerism, Catch, Cause, Climbing, Consideration, Counsel, Craving, Dearest Wish, Desideration, Desideratum, Design, Desire, Determination, Dream, Drive, Eagerness, Effect, Energy, Enterprise, Enthusiasm, Fancy, Fixed Purpose, Forbidden Fruit, Function, Get-Up-And-Go, Glimmering Goal, Go-Ahead, Goad, Goal, Golden Vision, Ground, Guiding Light, Guiding Star, Hope, Hunger, Idea, Ideal, Incentive, Initiative, Inspiration, Intendment, Intent, Intention, Keenness, Lodestar, Lodestone, Lofty Ambition, Magnanimity, Magnet, Mainspring, Mark, Matter, Meaning, Mind, Motive, Nirvana, Nisus, Object, Objective, Plan, Plum, Point, Power-Hunger, Pretension, Principle, Prize, Project, Proposal, Prospectus, Purpose, Push, Reason, Resolution, Resolve, Sake, Score, Social Climbing, Source, Spirit, Spring, Spur, Status-Seeking, Striving, Study, Target, Temptation, Thirst, Trophy, Ulterior Motive, Vaulting Ambition, View, Vigor, Vocation, Will, Wish, Zeal