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Ambivalent Amalgamated, Ambiguous, Ambitendent, Amphibious, Antinomic, At Loose Ends, Blended, Capricious, Changeable, Combined, Complex, Composite, Compound, Compounded, Conflict, Conglomerate, Contrasting, Dappled, Double-Minded, Dubious, Eclectic, Equivocal, Fence-Sitting, Fence-Straddling, Fickle, Fifty-Fifty, Fluctuate, Half-And-Half, Heterogeneous, Indecisive, Indiscriminate, Infirm Of Purpose, Intricate, Ironic, Irresolute, Irresolved, Jumbled, Many-Sided, Medley, Mercurial, Mingled, Miscellaneous, Mixed, Motley, Mugwumpian, Mugwumpish, Multifaceted, Multinational, Multiracial, Mutable, Of Two Minds, Oxymoronic, Paradoxical, Patchy, Pluralistic, Promiscuous, Scrambled, Self-Contradictory, Syncretic, Thrown Together, Uncertain, Undecided, Undetermined, Unresolved, Unsettled, Varied