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Ambulatory Access, Aisle, Alley, Ambulant, Ambulative, Aperture, Arcade, Artery, Avenue, Channel, Circuit-Riding, Cloister, Colonnade, Communication, Conduit, Connection, Corridor, Covered Way, Defile, Exit, Expeditionary, Ferry, Ford, Gallery, Globe-Girdling, Globe-Trotting, Going, Inlet, Interchange, Intersection, Itinerant, Itinerary, Journeying, Junction, Lane, Locomotive, Moving, Mundivagant, Nomadic, On Tour, Opening, Outlet, Overpass, Pass, Passage, Passageway, Passing, Pedestrian, Perambulating, Perambulatory, Peregrinative, Peregrine, Peripatetic, Pilgrimlike, Portico, Progressing, Railroad Tunnel, Roving, Strolling, Touring, Touristic, Touristy, Traject, Trajet, Traveling, Trekking, Tunnel, Underpass, Vagabond, Vagrant, Walking, Wayfaring