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Ambush Ambuscade, Ambushment, Assail, Assault, Astonish, Attack, Blind, Blitz, Booby Trap, Bushwhack, Catch Off-Guard, Catch Unawares, Come At, Come Down On, Come From Behind, Come Upon Unexpectedly, Cover, Crack Down On, Descend On, Descend Upon, Do The Unexpected, Drop In On, Ensnare, Entrap, Fall On, Fall Upon, Gang Up On, Go At, Go For, Harry, Have At, Hideout, Hit, Hit Like Lightning, Intercept, Jump, Land On, Lay At, Lay For, Lay Hands On, Lay Into, Lay Wait For, Lie In Ambush, Lie In Wait, Light Into, Lure, Lurk, Lurking Hole, Mug, Pitch Into, Pounce Upon, Pound, Pull Up Short, Retreat, Sail Into, Set On, Set Upon, Shadowing, Snare, Spring A Surprise, Spring Upon, Stalking-Horse, Strike, Surprise, Surveillance, Swoop Down On, Take By Surprise, Take Short, Take The Offensive, Take Unawares, Trap, Wade Into, Waylay