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Amount Account, Add Up, Add Up To, Aggregate, Amount To, Amplitude, Approach, Batch, Become, Body, Box Score, Budget, Bulk, Bunch, Burden, Caliber, Cast, Charge, Chunk, Clutch, Come, Come Up To, Compass, Comprehend, Comprise, Core, Correspond To, Cost, Count, Cut, Damage, Deal, Degree, Difference, Dose, Embody, Entirety, Equal, Expanse, Expenditure, Expense, Extent, Figure, Force, Gob, Grade, Grand Total, Gross Amount, Group, Heap, Height, Hint, Hunk, Imply, Include, Incorporate, Interval, Intimate, Large Amount, Leap, Level, Lot, Magnitude, Mark, Mass, Match, Matter, Measure, Measurement, Mess, Notch, Nuance, Number, Numbers, Pack, Parcel, Part, Partake Of, Pas, Peg, Period, Pitch, Plane, Plateau, Point, Portion, Price, Price Tag, Product, Proportion, Purport, Quantity, Quantum, Range, Rate, Ratio, Ration, Reach, Reckoning, Remove, Rival, Round, Run Into, Rung, Scale, Scope, Score, Sense, Shade, Shadow, Short, Small Amount, Space, Stair, Standard, Step, Stint, Strength, Substance, Subsume, Suggest, Sum, Sum And Substance, Sum Total, Summation, Supply, Tab, Tale, Tally, The Amount, The Bottom Line, The Story, The Whole Story, Thrust, Total, Touch, Tread, Upshot, Volume, Whole, Whole Amount, X Number