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Amphibian Reptilia, Surinam Toad, Aeroboat, Air, Airy Nothing, Angiosperm, Anguine, Annual, Aquatic Plant, Batrachian, Biennial, Boat Seaplane, Bubble, Bullfrog, Caecilian, Clipper, Colubriform, Cosmopolite, Crawling, Creeping, Croaker, Crocodilian, Cutting, Deciduous Plant, Dicot, Dicotyledon, Eft, Ephemeral, Ether, Evergreen, Exotic, Floatplane, Flowering Plant, Flying Boat, Frog, Froggy, Fungus, Gametophyte, Grass Frog, Gymnosperm, Hellbender, Hoppytoad, Hoptoad, Hydrophyte, Hydroplane, Illusion, Leopard Frog, Lizardlike, Midwife Toad, Mist, Monocot, Monocotyl, Mud Puppy, Newt, Ophidian, Paddock, Perennial, Phantom, Pickerel Frog, Plant, Polliwog, Polycot, Polycotyl, Polycotyledon, Repent, Reptant, Reptile, Reptilelike, Reptilian, Reptiliform, Reptiloid, Salamander, Saurian, Seaplane, Seed Plant, Seedling, Serpentiform, Serpentile, Serpentine, Serpentlike, Serpentoid, Shadow, Siren, Slithering, Smoke, Snakelike, Snaky, Spermatophyte, Spirit, Sporophyte, Spring Frog, Tadpole, Thallophyte, Thin Air, Toad, Toadish, Tree Frog, Tree Toad, Triennial, Vapor, Vascular Plant, Vegetable, Viperiform, Viperish, Viperlike, Viperoid, Viperous, Vipery, Water Dog, Waterplane, Weed, Wood Frog