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Ancestry Affiliation, Agnate, Agnation, Alliance, Aristocracy, Aristocraticalness, Birth, Blood, Blood Relation, Blood Relationship, Blood Relative, Blue Blood, Breed, Breeding, Brotherhood, Brothership, Clansman, Cognate, Cognation, Collateral, Collateral Relative, Common Ancestry, Common Descent, Connection, Connections, Consanguinean, Consanguinity, Cousinhood, Cousinship, Derivation, Descent, Distaff Side, Distant Relation, Distinction, Enate, Enation, Extraction, Family, Fatherhood, Filiation, Flesh, Flesh And Blood, Folks, Fraternity, Genteelness, Gentility, German, Honorable Descent, Kin, Kindred, Kinfolk, Kinnery, Kinsfolk, Kinship, Kinsman, Kinsmen, Kinswoman, Kith And Kin, Line, Lineage, Maternity, Matrilineage, Matriliny, Matrisib, Matrocliny, Motherhood, Near Relation, Next Of Kin, Nobility, Noble Birth, Nobleness, Origin, Paternity, Patrilineage, Patriliny, Patrisib, Patrocliny, Pedigree, People, Posterity, Propinquity, Quality, Race, Rank, Relation, Relations, Relationship, Relatives, Royalty, Sib, Sibling, Sibship, Sisterhood, Sistership, Source, Spear Kin, Spear Side, Spindle Kin, Spindle Side, Stock, Sword Side, Ties Of Blood, Tribesman, Uterine Kin