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Anchor Baldt Anchor, Navy Anchor, Northill Anchor, Affix, Anchorage, Annex, Attach, Batten, Batten Down, Belay, Berth, Billet At, Bind, Bivouac, Bower, Bridle, Burrow, Camp, Cast Anchor, Catch, Cement, Chain, Cinch, Clamp, Clinch, Colonize, Come To Anchor, Cramp, Dinghy Anchor, Disembark, Dock, Domesticate, Drag Anchor, Drogue, Drop Anchor, Drop The Hook, Enchain, Engraft, Ensconce, Entrammel, Establish Residence, Fasten, Fasten Down, Fetter, Fix, Floating Anchor, Fluke, Glue, Graft, Grapnel, Grapple, Gyve, Hamper, Handcuff, Hive, Hobble, Hog-Tie, Holdfast, Hook, Hopple, Imbed, Inhabit, Kedge, Kedge Anchor, Kedge Off, Keep House, Knit, Lash, Lash And Tie, Lay Anchor, Leash, Live At, Locate, Mainstay, Make Fast, Make Secure, Make Sure, Manacle, Moor, Mooring, Mooring Buoy, Moorings, Move, Mudhook, Mushroom Anchor, Nest, Park, Peg Down, People, Perch, Picket, Pin, Pin Down, Pinion, Plant, Populate, Put In Irons, Put To, Relocate, Reside, Restrain, Rivet, Roost, Rope, Screw Anchor, Screw Up, Sea Anchor, Secure, Security, Set, Set To, Set Up Housekeeping, Set Up Shop, Settle, Settle Down, Shackle, Shank, Sheet Anchor, Sit Down, Slip, Squat, Stability, Stabilizer, Stand, Starboard Anchor, Stay At, Stock, Straitjacket, Strap, Strike Root, Support, Take Residence At, Take Root, Take Up Residence, Tether, Tie, Tie Down, Tie Up, Tighten, Trammel, Trice Up, Trim